This is the Aquagat Difference


I recently purchased an Aquagat timber classic 120. The first timber gun I have owned and the feel of the gun in the water is amazing, great accuracy and very minimal recoil.

Jarryd (Penrith NSW)

I’ve seen in person, the effort that goes into these pieces of art. Passion & commitment have lead to an amazing product that has never let me down in the water. I trust my tools with my life in the water, the Timber Classic 110 is by far the best gun I’ve used.

Marc (Sydney, NSW)

I love my Aquagat speargun! I can not thank Will enough for
the service he provided me when I got my first gun.

Kaiden (Onslow, WA)

The Aquagat Colour Palette


The D-Revolution

The D-Revolution is a Rosewood, carbon fibre enclosed track, double roller that utilizes our newly developed full ceramic bearing inset rollers, the ever-strong, smooth and reliable Aquagat reverse trigger mechanism and our in-house designed and created 'Glock grip' along with our double band anchor/reel mount components.


The 'Keep-It' Reel

The strong, durable and stylish reel housing and spool are Aquagat in house designed and have been developed and constructed utilizing our unique ultra rigid poly medium and process and comes standard in our Aquagat turquoise swirl colour-way.


Rollergat Series

If your after longer range, more accurate and deeper penetrating shots with almost NO recoil and you want to do all of that in style, then the Rollergat is for you!


Timber Classic Series

The Timber Classic hardwood base is crafted from carefully selected and refined New Guinea Rosewood selected for its exceptional use in marine applications and its stunning aesthetic.  


Timber Classic Carbon E.T Series

The Aquagat Timber Classic E.T (Enclosed Track) utilizes the same build specs as the Timber Classic, though the E.T option has an enclosed carbon fibre track design. The Enclosed Track enables the gun to be 'overpowered' as such yet not be subjected to the downside of inaccuracy due to shaft whip.


Babygat Series

Modelled using the same specs as the Rollergat, the Babygat packs all the same features of the Rollergat but comes in the most compact configuration possible and is available in sizes 40, 50 and 60cm.


Vizion Series

The Vizion series is aptly named, as the vision of Aquagat Speargun Art is to bring style, colour and flavour into spearfishing products in a big way! The Vizion series is a very stylish and tough twin band open track/muzzle design that is about as simple and as funky as a speargun can get.


The Aquagat Armoury

Welcome to the highly demanded and much anticipated Aquagat Armoury! Here you'll find select components from our very own inventory that we use to build our speargun models from.